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  • Another home sweet home

    Another home sweet home

    It’s hard to believe that my last blog post was November 10th of last year and here we’re already nearing the end of January of a new year. Over two months have come and gone already. How did that happen?! During the month of November we closed on our new house in Tennessee (more on […]

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  • Still sitting tight (but not for much longer!)

    Still sitting tight (but not for much longer!)

    We’re still sitting tight in a cramped site in Berea, Kentucky. I don’t mind the cramped site so much until I take LizzieBelle out to do her business and I wind up spending most of the time out there trying to keep her from going under something. Under the picnic table; under the truck; under […]

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  • Sitting tight

    Sitting tight

    It has been a month and a few days since my last post. Not much has been going on in our 30 foot world but I felt like writing today so I reckon I’ll give a little update of what’s not been going on. Ha! After our time in South Dakota we made a mad […]

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  • Western South Dakota

    Western South Dakota

    From Sioux Falls we headed due west on I-90 to the small town of Keystone south of Rapid City.  We stayed at the Magnuson Rushmore View RV park right in town.  Upon our arrival I have to say that we were both a little disappointed with the campground as we were parked behind a cafe […]

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  • A river runs through it

    A river runs through it

    While the title of this blog post may not be original it is, however, true – the Big Sioux River runs through the heart of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is where we spent a few days checking out the city. It took us over eight hours to get from the east side of Iowa […]

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  • Among the fields in Indiana & Iowa

    Among the fields in Indiana & Iowa

    Since our next stop involved visiting family we decided LizzieBelle needed a good bath before leaving Berea. Ronnie set up a table and used the outdoor shower to wash the stink off her. I can truly say she did not enjoy it in the least. She does look forward to her treat when all is […]

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