Surviving the drive

Sunday, February 13

Today was spent in the truck. Eight hours to be exact. This morning we enjoyed our coffee in Sweetwater, TN, ate a yummy breakfast of some of our farm fresh eggs we hoarded and brought with us and some seed bread toast. After that it was time to batten the hatches and button up the camper. We were on the road by 10 o’clock.

Around noon we were approaching Atlanta. Since everyone seemed to be heading around Atlanta on 285 we opted to go straight through. I mean, it’s Sunday so we thought the odds were pretty good that we’d get through without too much trouble.

Up ahead four lanes on the right were closed which caused a bit of a backup prior to but after that it was fairly smooth sailing. I’m just glad Ronnie was driving. The amount of traffic entering the interstate from the ramps and the lane changers were setting me on edge. Then there’s this…

… buildings sitting on top of each other …

… jam-packed with no breathing room. I just can’t. I literally feel my blood pressure rising just at the sight. It’s hard to believe I grew up in Orlando and the city never bothered me. Now I can’t stand being anywhere near a city with all the people and traffic and fast pace and especially such a large one as Atlanta. Hats off to the people that live there. Or in any big city. I sure couldn’t!

As we were about to exit the city-scape I saw the sign for the Varsity…

I’ve eaten there one time in my life as a teenager. The youth choir from First Baptist Church Orlando went on a mission trip and we stopped and ate at the Varsity. I remember being a bit overwhelmed when we walked in but it was a fun place. Here’s what they have to say on their website … “The Varsity in downtown Atlanta is our original, world famous location. This enormous restaurant sits on 2 city blocks and can accommodate 800 diners inside. Opened in 1928, this store quickly gained the reputation of being “the world’s largest drive in”. At The Varsity Atlanta we are dedicated to living up to our slogan “The FUN place to eat!”” I don’t think I would even want to try and find it now or even attempt to go in with possibly 800 diners inside, ha!

Once we were on the other side of Atlanta we breathed a sigh of relief and continued on our way stopping every three hours or so for fuel. Mercy, towing a house behind you gets pretty expensive.

I had my first Buc-ees experience. I walked into the store and stopped and stood there like a deer in the headlights and stared (I’m sure with my mouth gaped open) at all the people and the extreme massiveness of the store. I looked to the left, looked to the right and could hardly see the ends of the building. It was massive. The first order of business, however, was to find the bathrooms. Luckily they were almost straight back with plenty of stalls. With that out of the way I looked around in the general area I was in and was immediately overwhelmed. We decided it was too busy to stop and shop so we got back in the truck and moved on. It was a pretty cool place but my goodness was it overwhelming for this ol’ gal who had hardly left the farm the past seven years, teehee.

Today’s drive was nice and smooth. We drove a total of eight hours and stopped in Lake City, FL. LizzieBelle was a trooper right up until the last hour. She knew it was approaching two hours PAST her supper hour and she was not having any more of it. Since we had reached our goal for the day we found a campground for the night rather than staying in a rest stop or Walmart parking lot. The first thing I did after the slide out was in place was fix her supper. She was a happy camper after eating and is currently curled up in her bed sound asleep.

We are chilling the rest of the evening and I’m pretty sure we’ll call it an early night tonight. Why is driving so exhausting!

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! We arrived at our destination safe and sound a little after noon. We’re parked in the yard of some family members for the next two weeks.

We are ready to simply unwind and see what each day brings. We do have some lose ends to tie up but otherwise we’re going to try and adjust to having fewer responsibilities and learning to relax more.

With scenery such as this I think we’ll certainly adjust!

However, I think that’s going to be much easier for one of us than the other. Can you guess who, ha? I’m adjusting better than I thought I would but then again, I’m still working on getting the camper better organized for tiny space living so that occupies some of my time and brain cells.

As I write this blog post I am sitting by the pool watching Ronnie cast his line into the canal. Yup, I believe he’s adjusting just fine, hahaha!

It took LizzieBelle a couple days to get used to her new surrounding and routine but she’s got the hang of it now and is quite content that ‘Mom & Dad’ are never far away. She may be blind and deaf but she’s such a trooper!

On Wednesday the boys worked on a little project for the camper…

… retrofitting a cargo carrier for our camper. We wanted one that attached to the bumper but all we could find was one that slid into a hitch. Since we don’t have a hitch at the back of the camper they modified the hitch plate and now it attaches to the bumper.

They did a great job and yet it wasn’t without some bloodshed…

Can you see it smeared on the camper? sigh. Thankfully it wasn’t anything but a slight prick of the skin.

Now we can move some things that we don’t use very often into a box or tote and store it on the cargo carrier and free up some space in the camper.

Speaking of… I guess I’d better get to it!

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