A trip to the beach and back again for more renovations and a birthday!

Tuesday, April 5

Over the past few days I’ve been getting messages and emails from several of y’all wanting to know our whereabouts and what we’re up to and even though I’ve answered those messages and emails (finally!) I reckon it’s high time I sit down and write a blog post to fill the rest of y’all in. wink!

We are still parked in our friends front yard and are still doing some renovations to their house for them. The first (and currently only) bathroom is finally finished. I don’t have a good before photo because the vanity was demoed before I even grabbed my camera but trust me, it was dated and far too big for the space so it had to go and by the time I thought to take a photo half the walls were gone. So here’s the best before photos I have…

… and here’s a couple of after shots…

The changes made were a new toilet and pedestal sink, new walls, and a lowered dropped ceiling with added light fixture. The changes created a bathroom that feels larger than it actually is. The homeowners love it so it’s a win-win.

We also put new waterproof laminate flooring in the master bedroom…

The doorway near the upper right corner in the above photo will be the second/master bathroom. We laid the same waterproof floor in there today. As I used to say at the farm – bit by bit we’re getting things done.

Last week we took a few days off for doctor’s appointments. First up was LizzieBelle. She needed a refill for her blood pressure medicine and she needed her one year checkup after her diagnosis of CHF the beginning of last year. We found a vet nearby and they were able to work her in sooner rather than later thanks to a cancelation. The doc was impressed with the sound and function of her heart despite her CHF. We were thrilled to hear that! She also got a steroid shot to help her with her allergies. Florida has not been kind to her since we’ve arrived but the shot has helped tremendously. Everyone at the vet office was surprised at how well she’s doing for being almost 15 years of human age. Yay LizzieBelle!

The second appointment was for Ronnie later in the week. He needed some refills for his meds as well and we also wanted to get a fresh pair of eyes on his heart condition. We found a doctor but I have to say they’re all the same. It seems all they want to do is prescribe medication which, in my opinion, are just bandaids for most chronic conditions rather than getting to the root of the problem and possibly eliminating it all together. We weren’t looking for new medications just refills for the ones he’s already taking but we politely listened then went home and researched said new medication. Anyway, he is scheduled for some tests the early part of May. Maybe after the tests we’ll have a second opinion and maybe a possible procedure in line. Meanwhile, it looks like I need to do my own research on root causes of his condition then learn about ways to improve/repair with more natural solutions and remedies. I almost don’t like the word remedies. It seems to be associated with old-fashioned wives tales and weird concoctions these days however I really don’t care. I will always choose a natural remedy first over a synthetic. That’s just me. What I would really love to find is a doctor that practices both western and holistic medicine because western medicine does have its place but I’d rather exhaust all types of natural sources first. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Anyway, I digress.

Later that same day we celebrated his birthday with a few family members which was the first time in probably ten years that we’ve been able to do so.

We celebrated with pizza from Piesano’s in Ocala and a Carvel ice cream cake. I also made a Greek salad and dressing to go with the pizza. Yummy! I’m just so happy that we’ve celebrated another year.

We took another day off over the weekend and drove to the east coast and to the nearest beach. At first we drove to the historic part of St. Augustine where we spent our honeymoon but holy moly was it crowded.

crossing the intracoastal waterway into historic St. Augustine

When we couldn’t find a place to park we decided to forego walking around the town and drove to the beach. We walked only a short way along the beach but smelling the salty air and feeling the warm sun and cool breeze on our skin was refreshing and wonderful!

We worked up an appetite so we drove along A1A looking for a seafood restaurant on the water. They’re not as easy to find as one would think. We made it to Flagler Beach and stopped at Martin’s Restaurant & Lounge for a not-so-healthy lunch/supper…

… but the price was right on these plates so that’s what we went with. It was yummy! Afterwards we walked across the street and I took a few more photos…

We took the scenic route home having thoroughly enjoyed the day.


In between doctor’s visits, renovations, and days off I’ve been working on the baby blanket and I managed to finish it.

I used a soft velvet yarn and it’s oh-so cuddly. I’ll be making more blankets using velvet because they just feel so nice. Now that I’m finished with the blanket I’m back to working on the last motif of my Christmas bell pull cross stitch piece.


We are enjoying our time in Florida however we will be here much longer than originally anticipated due to Ronnie’s upcoming tests. I have to say that none of the travel plans we’ve made since starting out on this venture have come to fruition so I reckon we’ll just wing it. We do need to be back up in Kentucky by the end of May so we’re already cutting it close. Looks like we’ll have to travel the east coast another time. It’s a good thing we’re flexible!


We’ve seen some rather large moths around here…

This one was on the light pole just outside our camper. It was huge! I want to say it’s in the Polyphemus family because of the ‘eye’ on the wings but I haven’t been able to identify it with any images on Google. Anyone have any idea?


I reckon that’s about it for now. I hope y’all are well and thank you so much for being such faithful followers of our follies!

Till next time friends 🙂

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