Salt water to Salt Springs

Monday, April 18

We’re still parked in our friends’ front yard. The corner shower unit was finally delivered last Saturday so we (as in Ronnie) can now begin the installation process. I’m praying it goes smooth from start to finish. Meanwhile, I’m doing small things to occupy my time such as gophering for Ronnie when necessary, painting or helping to unpack some of the fun boxes – craft and sewing stuff! In between I’ve been cross-stitching, crocheting another baby blanket and reading. What I really should be doing, however, is concentrating on making healthy meals for us. We’ve been eating out more so than usual and I can certainly feel the difference in my energy levels throughout the day and can see it in my waistline, ugh.


Last Wednesday the four of us went to Ormond Beach.

Believe it or not, that was the first time I had ever been to that beach even though I’ve lived in Florida most of my life.

It wasn’t crowded and we were able to drive right onto the beach and set up our chairs.

We watched a fella set up a couple of fishing poles…

Watched as planes flew over with banners streaming behind them…

We ate our picnic lunch while basking (more like baking!) in the sun and enjoyed the sights and sounds all around us.

A couple hours later we felt ‘baked’ to a crisp so we headed a few miles down A1A to Port Orange and a favorite restaurant – Aunt Catfish’s.

I used to come here with my Mom & Dad during my teenage years when we stayed at a condo in nearby Ponce Inlet for a week each summer. It was here that I had my first taste of Cheese Grits and consumed numerous Cinnamon Buns both available at the all-you-can-eat Fixin’s Bar.

Aunt Catfish’s is on the Halifax River if you ever want to check it out…

It was nice to eat there again and reminisce about the good ‘ol days spent at the beach as a youth!


The resident Sandhill Cranes have been busy raising their baby…

It’s amazing how quickly this young’un is growing.


One night Ronnie and I decided to go for a drive and check out a nearby restaurant on Lake Weir. The place was packed with a thirty minute wait. A cell phone was also necessary to get your name on the waiting list. (They call you when your table is available.). As is typical for us, we left the cell phone in the car so we decided to find another place to eat. We headed south towards Clermont, the town we lived in after we were married. We found another restaurant on the water – Lilly’s on the Lake.

It looked promising especially when we were seated on the screened in back deck overlooking the water…

However, that’s where anything remotely promising went by the wayside. The atmosphere was great, the food was decent but our server was not. It felt as though we were pulling teeth to get waited on, get our food and even get our check. I was exhausted by the time we left. We did enjoy watching the happenings at the water’s edge which occupied our time while we endlessly waited for our entrees to arrive. We also reminisced about all the fun we had on those same waters with our boat.

Wednesday, April 27

We have been at our new destination for a couple days now and we are LOVIN’ it!!! We arrived at Salt Springs Campground Monday morning. I’ll post more later but here’s a peak at the chilly swimming hole in the campground…

… and a close up of one of the beautiful springs…

The water is crystal clear and a constant 72 degrees which, for this gal, is beyond chilly. I did manage to get two thirds of the way in yesterday but couldn’t psyche myself up to get the rest of the way in. Ronnie, however, went for it and enjoyed watching the blue crabs that were hanging out at the opening of the spring.

The rest of the time we’ve been here we’ve enjoyed sitting outside watching the plethora of squirrels running around as well as watching and listening to woodpeckers checking for food on the abundance of trees. We even watched a hawk fly from one campsite to another seemingly unconcerned about the humans around it. We’ve enjoyed evening walks around the campground and relishing in the fact that we don’t have anything to do.

LizzieBelle has done more wandering around and sniffing than she’s done in years. She’s also awake more and wants to be outside with us. It does my heart good to see her being so active in her senior years.

More than two months after we sold and drove away from the farm our traveling days have begun and we are thrilled to literally go wherever the road takes us.

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