A whole lotta nothing, kinda nice!

Tuesday, February 22

Since my last post it has been a whirlwind of nothing in particular and it has been pure joy. We have relaxed and gone swimming in the pool; we spent Sunday with family going to their church then enjoying a nice meal in the afternoon; we’ve played games and watched movies; we’ve roasted in the camper on two very hot days for this time of the year; Ronnie’s wet a hook in the canal and I’ve cross-stitched. Today we did a few errands and picked up a couple things to contribute to this evenings’ supper. I’ve wandered around taking a photo here and there and last Saturday we were serenaded all.day.long by this guy (or gal)…

… a Limpkin that was either hollerin’ for a young’n or a mate. Either way it was not a very pleasant sound. I can’t tell whether this is a male or female as they are similar in color but it was directly across the canal up in the trees just a hollerin’ away. Actually it was more like screaming. Thankfully, by the next day it either found what it wanted or had moved on. I love birds but this bird’s call simply was not the least bit pleasant.

As I’ve wandered around I was reminded of the plethora of lizards in Florida constantly scurrying around.

This one, however, was very curious and was not bothered in the least by me standing nearby with a camera pointing at its face. He almost seems to be asking me ‘Whatcha doing lady?’

Last night was our second night attending Bingo Night in the park where Ronnie’s Mom lives and guess what? I bingoed!!!

It was lucky game number 13 and we had to get a 7 – 11. I won $32, woohoo!!!

Thursday, February 24

On Tuesday we needed to get some items in the mail so we headed to the tiny town of Alva to find the post office. Just before we reached the post office we drove over the Caloosa River and quickly found ourselves dreaming about life on this river. After we took care of business we drove up and down the streets checking out the area. It was a nice area and one that we could imagine ourselves living in if it weren’t so dad-blamed hot in the summer.

Wednesday was a day of golf for Ronnie and his brother and some friends of his. I did my own type of relaxing by spending the day cross stitching. I had Thieves in the diffuser and some mello tunes playing on the iPod. In the evening we all relaxed and watched ‘Undercover Grandpa’ before calling it a day. I needed a day like today. I’m still getting used to life outside the farm – meaning being around people and all – so today allowed me to regroup and rest and ready myself to be around people again and having to attend events. If I am to be perfectly honest I am not much of a people or an event person. Hopefully as we travel to and fro and immerse ourselves into our surroundings I will become a better people and event person. One can always hope, right?! This, however, is more my style…

Today I wanted to find a book store. I had donated a Crock Pot and a rice cooker when we sold the farm and bought an Instant Pot in order to save room in the camper. I used the Instant Pot the other day to make rice and it worked great! Delicious rice in half the time. Since we’ve been traveling, visiting, and trying to eat up leftovers we have not been eating as healthy as we should and shame on us. Eating healthy MUST be a priority no matter what. It doesn’t mean we can’t consume unhealthy morsels every now and then but we must do better at being intentional with our diet for our own health’s sake. If you know me then you know I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat and that food is the body’s fuel. If you don’t feed it good nutrition then there may be consequences and those consequences are different for every individual so why not just give it good nutrition rather than risk suffering.

That being said, I wanted to find a cookbook (or three) with Instant Pot recipes. I think the Instant Pot will allow us to have home cooked, healthy meals with a lot less mess and easy clean up. I simply love the ease of cookbooks and with the sketchy availability of Internet while we’re traveling I wanted to have a cookbook on hand so that we could use the Instant Pot at any given time even without Internet. (You know, all those recipes that get pinned on Pinterest but without Internet are useless?!). So, we drove into Ft. Myers to find a book store. We came across a Books-A-Million where I was fortunate to find three cookbooks at a reasonable price …

I used a $25 gift card I received for Christmas and added another $5 in cash and got all three books. Each book has lots of great recipes and I can make adjustments to any of them to make a healthier version if necessary.

On our way there we drove through the historic part of town. What a great, happening place! All the downtown shops were open, there were lots people milling about at the restaurants and shops and the little snippets of water we would see every now and then were icing on the cake. We also spotted a Joe’s Crab Shack so after I had my books we stopped there on the way back and filled our bellies with some delicious seafood. The view wasn’t so bad either…

We sat there soaking in the views and reminiscing about the boats we’ve had throughout the years and laughed at how our 32′ boat we used to have would look small amongst these yachts. Big boat or small boat we sure do love the water!

Tonight is Bingo Night again. Our last chance at playing and hopefully winning. It’s also our last night of spending time with the family as well. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time here but time has run out. Tomorrow morning we are buttoning up the camper, battening the hatches and pulling out. We’re heading about four hours north to the central Florida area. This time tomorrow we’ll be set up in a campground at the retreat center where my upcoming quilt retreat will be held. We’re both very excited to be starting another adventure!

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